The NPC includes a real approaches to get. A significant aspect of Greek life on numerous campuses involves a courting system in which sororities

attempt to persuade their fraternities of preference (or vice versa) to set together with them for Greek Week or homecoming activities. Because of this, some chapters feel obligated to pander to fraternities to get invitations. “there is little empowerment for sorority females because we need to do items to verify the dudes like us,” Emma states. “we must please them and dress a certain method so they will ask us to events.”

A senior who transferred to a school without Greek life because of sorority pressure at a Missouri school, fraternities ask sororities to make videos convincing them to pair, says Morgan. “These videos said, ‘we are hot girls, we are party girls, we’re down for almost any sorts of partying you want.’ we would intimately promote ourselves instead of saying we are smart girls, confident, achievers. We would show girls consuming at pool events within their bikinis.”

The sisters portrayed on their own this real method because “the fraternities prefer to pair with sororities with appealing girls whom they think they can attach with easier. Therefore the sorority encouraged us to ‘go away and drink and determine what are the results.’ It felt like, ‘If you connect using them, they’re going to as if you, and that is that which we want.’ which was the message the sorority sent,” Morgan says. “They needed us to head to every one of these fraternity events to ‘support sororities.’ If i did not get, I would personallyn’t be ‘bonding aided by the siblings.’ “

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