Accused sex offender extradited to Newtown after four years in hiding in the Marshall Islands

Newtown police have captured and charged a guy desired for 22 felony intercourse offenses after he hid from authorities for pretty much four years within the Marshall isles.

Stephen Todd Sanders, 51, ended up being desired by three Connecticut police departments and a Florida sheriff’s workplace for a number of intercourse offenses he allegedly committed against two girls in 2015, authorities stated Wednesday.

But Sanders fled the united states that year before he might be charged, fundamentally landing into the Marshall isles into the Pacific Ocean, a nation that will not have an extradition contract utilizing the united states of america.

Sanders remained here, simply away from reach of United states authorities, until he stepped in to the islands’ U.S. embassy — and to the jurisdiction of this U.S. Marshal Service — at the beginning of September, Newtown Police Lt. Aaron Bahamonde stated belated Wednesday. Marshals grabbed him and extradited him returning to Newtown, where he arrived and ended up being scheduled in the charges that are outstanding.

“Obviously, in the ends associated with world, it had been difficult,” Bahamonde said. “But when the ability arrived, we had been in a position to snatch him up and then he is facing some severe costs now.”

Sanders happens to be faced with two counts of first-degree assault that is sexual six counts of second-degree intimate attack, seven counts of threat of problems for a small and another seven counts of risk of problems for a small involving intimate contact, based on Newtown authorities documents. Continue reading