The first-time I see the Song of Songs when you look at the Bible I was thinking, No. means.

I instantly grabbed a friend’s Bible to see if their showcased the book that is same. “Dude, have actually you look at this? This can be unbelievable!”

“What? The facts?”

“Clusters, guy! They’re speaking about climbing palm woods and hold that is taking of! WITHIN THE BIBLE! It’s below!” I happened to be a young adult Christian with active hormones, and my grandmother’s prayers were finally being answered because I abruptly developed a powerful hunger for your message. Hallelujah!

As time passes, needless to say, I understood that the partnership described in Solomon’s Song, including those face-blushing palm tree and group verses, happened within a context that is specific. In the middle of beautiful, poetic language in regards to the phases of a relationship that start having a look and finally resulted in vacation, the writer charges us 3 x, “Do perhaps perhaps not arouse or awaken love it up, before the time is ripe — and you’re prepared. until it pleases,” or, as paraphrased by Eugene Peterson within the Message, “Don’t excite love, don’t stir”

We frequently point out this book when anyone, frequently young singles, ask me personally about relationships and sex that is pre-marital. Continue reading