The thing is rooted when you look at the genetics of contemporary hens that are laying which were bred to satisfy the requirements of industrial-scale egg manufacturing.

Meat chickens—broilers—have been souped up to get fat quickly, supplying the juicy white-meat cuts US customers demand. But levels are only the contrary. Since additional weight detracts from egg manufacturing, leaner is deemed better, and people wild wild wild birds take more time to develop. Aid businesses can’t justify providing hungry people who have layer-type chicks, which simply simply take a lot longer than broilers to attain weight—and that is full they do, will always be slighter of framework.

The White Leghorn, the egg industry’s ubiquitous layer, is really a slim bird with the capacity of producing around 325 eggs per year, nearly one per day—the variety of respected production the industry now demands. A year to put that into context, hens in 1960 laid just 150 eggs.

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