Greek Sex Scene: Starving Greek students trade sex for meals

Greek Sex Scene: Financial Meltdown Forces Greek Pupils to market Themselves

The Greek crisis that is financial sent lots and lots of teenage girls into the roads, never to protest, but to make an income; but, their hourly profits are scarcely sufficient to get them a cheese sandwich, in accordance with one researcher.

Eastern Europe, a leader that is former regards to its amount of prostitutes, can not any longer boast it has got the cheapest prices for intercourse. Greece’s deep financial and economic problems have actually shifted the priorities of its pupils, whom face the unemployment rate that is highest in European countries, based on the EU’s statistics agency Eurostat. The unemployment that is national ended up being 25% at the time of September together with youth jobless price in 2014 ended up being 52.4%; both these figures will be the worst when you look at the EU.

“Some females simply take action for the cheese cake or perhaps a sandwich they should consume because they’re hungry,” Gregory Lazos, a teacher of sociology during the Athens-based Panteion University told the occasions while commenting in the link between their research. They “sell it really cheap,” he said, “offering the best costs associated with industry over the continent.”

The research lasted for 3 years and ended up being carried out among 400 women that are young mostly pupils, that have abandoned their hopes that the Greek federal federal government, which includes constantly been on the verge of bankruptcy, will offer them an alternate. Prostitution is legal in Greece and both brothels and prostitutes must register because of the federal government. Nonetheless, brothels usually run without the license and now have seen a big influx of feminine students aged 17-20 who now account fully for 80% regarding the country’s prostitutes; they frequently make simply 2 euros per half hour. Continue reading