Bad Sex honor: How do you realy compose fiction that is erotic?

It sells itself as “Britain’s most dreaded literary prize”: every wintertime the London-based Literary Review’s Bad Intercourse Award is conferred upon the writer that is considered to possess penned the sex scene that is worst of history 12 months. The aim of the reward – established by the magazine’s previous editor, Auberon Waugh, in 1993 – would be to “draw focus on the crude, poorly written, usually perfunctory usage of redundant passages of intimate description into the contemporary novel, and also to discourage it.” I’m sure I’m maybe not the first ever to explain just how quintessentially English this accolade is: regarding the one hand it politely but firmly tows the, “No sex, please, we’re Uk,” line; while additionally indulging the greater amount of lascivious part of y our nationwide character that is sexual. Continue reading