Russian citizenship: obtaining a Russian passport or Russian residency that is permanent

Make sure you’re ready to relocate to Russia through getting an awareness for the legislation regarding Russian passports, Russian permanent residency and Russian citizenship, together with the Russian visa demands.

If you’re relocating to Russia or seeking to live their for an excessive period of the time, it is possible to choose from Russian permanent residency or complete Russian citizenship. Both will pay for you rights that are certain by Russian nationals, though there are differences when considering them talked about below.

You will find various conditions and needs dependent on what your location is travelling from, with those from Russian talking former Soviet nations able to more effortlessly settle in Russia. Additionally, there are advantages for refugees and people whom enter for a Highly Skilled Professionals visa. Extra information on the different Russian entry visas is for sale in our article right here.

This help guide to Russian citizenship and Russian residency that is permanent:

Who is able to obtain a Russian passport or Russian permanent residency?

International nationals in Russia can make an application for Russian residency that is permanent having resided in Russia for just one 12 months and for naturalisation as being a Russian resident after 5 years of permanent residence, supplying particular requirements are met. This is often done sooner for folks who meet particular requirements (extra information below).

To be able to obtain Russian citizenship, you will have to be lawfully moving into Russia with a legitimate Russian short-term residence license (except that nationals from Belarus, refugees from Turkmenistan and the ones entering on an experienced Migrant visa, that are eligible to permanent residence upon entering Russia). Continue reading